arc Podiatry

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State Registration No: CH6960

Society of Podiatrists No: 010227

BUPA Provider No: 85000941


Registered with BUPA and all other

leading Health Insurance Companies

our treatments include:

nail surgery

Removal of painful and/or infected toenails using local anaesthetic


routine treatment

Chiropody treatment to address the basic needs of your feet.

Including nail cutting and any hard skin and corn removal as well as any dressings or padding that may be required.


Biomechanical Assessment


& the provision of custom made orthotics. We use the latest technology to assess the function of the foot during the standing and walking phase of gait.

(see our orthotics page for more information)







provided within a 10 mile radius of Christchurch



for one patient


£50.00 for two


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- Why us?:

State Registered Chiropodists/Podiatrists have undergone extensive training within a four year course and are the only practitioners allowed to work within the nhs.